Hi Internet!

Time for you to help me spread the good word! Thats right tiddlywinks, you’re ol pal F-hizzay is off to Brisbane. For what you say?

“International Awesomeosity Educator?”Incorrect (though I am pretty awesome)

“High class jigolo?”

Nope (though I am full of … jig … olo)

“Galactic High Five Distributor?”

Oh god, I wish!

My friends! I wish to announce that you are reading the blog of a man (a man with the maturity of a 15 year old!) who is now part of the Krome QA Team! Thats right! All those times where you hear people say “I wish someone would pay me to play video games!” Well I’m now that guy!

The only uncool thing is I have to move away from my friends. The friends who helped me get me to this point (and the ones who are just waiting for me to leave! You know who you are! Michael G. or M. Goncalves!)

Tomorrow I should be receiving my contract, Krome Studios handbook, and a Brisbane visitors guide. Which will be pretty block rockin’ because then I’ll be able to quit my current job and then book my flight to Brisbane! I can’t wait to write that resignation letter for work, and I can’t wait to tell everyone at work that I got the job and that they’re pretty much back to where they were before I came along.

Like I said, I’ll be moving away from my friends and quite frankly, I consider them more than just friends, they’re like my whitie family. They’ve taught me many things, like whats the right amount of force to push someone into a wall, teaching me perseverance, giving me different genres of music to listen to, teach me how to eat a gigantic moon burger, and bringing the concept of the bro-ship to real life. Oh, they’ve also taught me how to be less of a jerk.

Yep! So in about a months time, I’ll be moving to Brisbane! Any women who want to apply to sex me up and have some no relationship sex before I leave please leave a message and I’ll get back to you!

9:35am: I’m sitting here, writing this post, slowly dying becuase I’m supposed to be having an interview. An interview that has the potential to give me the change and new direction in my life. This is the third time this has happened so what I’m about to say is no understatement.

Why? Why for the love of god in this industry that I’m trying to get into, always, always and without fail, screw you? What is it about this particular industry that makes them so good, that when they’re supposed to be conducting an interview they’re calculating the time it takes to jam David Bowie into my neck. Sure, I completely understand that this company is the biggest one in the industry in Australia, but surely they have time to interview a lowly graduate such as myself for a job. Through my experiences so far (2 companies), what this industry thrives upon, is making people wait. Ironically enough, this particular industry is well known for its delays with release dates. Once again, I am being quite vague and if you know me, then you’ll know why.

9:42am: In exactly three minutes time, I will be calling said company, and ask if I was supposed to have an interview this morning. Note, I’m not just calling up and saying “HEY GIMME AN INTERVIEW YA JERKS!!” I actually did organise an interview for 9:00am with them on Wednesday afternoon. Though the person I spoke to was the HR secretary. Now I told this person that I would be free all day Friday, so she said she’d pass on the message to the interviewer to call me at 9:00am Perth time, which has now passed 44 minutes ago.

9:45am: Time to call said company

9:46am: God freakin dammit. The person who was supposed to be interviewing me is “out of the office”. Out. Of. The. Freaking. Office. Well lah de dah! Look at me!! Hurrgggnnhhff! So now this time, they’ve taken my phone number, taken my name and said they’d call me back. Seriously, maybe they have a major communication breakdown over there.

I was wondering what I was going to do with my day off, but now what I think I’ll do today, is document this entire process for future generations. I think I’ll document my descent into insanity while waiting for this potentially life changing interview to take place. This entire process has pretty much felt like those generic tv cop show interrogation scenes. Except no one will say anything. No good cop, bad cop. No questions. No breathing. It feels like I’m sitting in that interrogation room, the desk lamp shinning in my eyes, and a mannequin sitting opposite of me, with it’s cold dead eyes staring into my clump of self worth that is my soul, slowly melting it with alien acid spit.

10:00am: At first I wasn’t that nervous about this phone interview, but now I am, purely because of the fact that as I wait, the more important this is beginning to feel. If I had taken this interview the first time, as it was scheduled to be I would have been fine but now, realisation has sunken in. I need this job. I don’t want to stay where I work currently listening to my co-workers talking about low fat cakes, whether they need to lose weight or whether their pants/top makes them look fat because the answer to that last question is always yes. Very yes.

Some would say that if I did get this job, it would take me out of my comfort zone. But what if my comfort zone wasn’t that comfortable in the first place? If I got out of my current semi-comfortable zone, perhaps I would fall into a zone with the galaxy’s most largest and most comfortable couch. And thenWOWWEEKAPOW! Cassul becomes awesome, and his life becomes complete. Full and content like a child with candy. Or an old man with a full colostomy bag. Except he would be empty … of pee.

10:25am: One false alarm. Someone looking for my Dad. Fuckers. Stay off the freakin phones!

10:35am: Someone just called, let it ring twice before and then hung up the phone! Gahhhh! Who waits for only two rings?!?!

10:40am: Seriously considering emailing them, somehow I think if I email them it’ll make it somehow more official. Magically.

10:46am: They finally called me back. Unfortunately she’s really busy interviewing other people today, so once again I got pushed back another week. So next Friday (11/05/07 for those of you playing at home) at 9:00am Perth time (11:00 Brisbane time) will be my interview. I’m glad thats finally sorted definately. Although another week of waiting. Gives me some time to stew I suppose.

I guess the moral of the story is, persistance! And the real hero you ask? Communication-breakdown Man. His motto: “I won’t garuntee your message will get through because I won’t deliver it! Also, I’ll mess the message up like a game of Chinese whispers!”

I just realised Chinese whispers is a pretty racist name for a game. I guess I’ll elaborate on that further next time.