Interview Part 1: When.

February 21, 2008

22nd February 4:20pm

Updates as they come (or whenever the hell I remember to write)

Pray for me

Right! Blog time for the first time in 2008! Lets get down to it cool cats.

Where did I leave off. Ah yes, November.



That was seriously, the happiest I’ve been since I got the job. I didn’t realise how much I missed everyone there until I got back. Jeremy with his Germany fanboyism, Sarah with her screechy awesomeness, Tim with his opinions, John with his psuedo-i-cut-off-my-beard-cos-felix-is-coming-back, Debari with his blatant ownage of Shane, Michael with his tiny girl hands, Jess with her Tim and new found independance, Jo with her things (take that as you will you immature jerks. I remember my new years resolution!)and Shane with his less annoying ways that no longer piss me off. Whoo that was a long sentence.

I even liked being back home with my folks. It was weird without the nagging and the constant nagging. Did I mention the nagging? It was great to spend time with my family and I didn’t realise it but I actually miss them quite a lot. It’s amazaing what a little space can do (and by a little space, I mean the other side of the continent).

And then it was Christmas! Christmas was the fucking bomb! Spent time with my folks and had a fucking delicious Christmas lunch with Sarahs folks! Delicious pork crackling! Sooo gooooooood. Sarah make me some pork crackling and mail it over to me! It was a huge difference to what I had experienced with my family for christmas. Those crazy whities really go all out!

I just realised that this post really should have been done during that time, because as I try to remember, I feel like I’m leaving a lot of the awesome stuff out. But should I remember I will definately update this!

Ok so after Christmas came New Years!

And that!





Everyone got really drunk! Jess was all “wooooo” and Michael was all like “I can drink 6 shots of awesome whiskey in one go!” and shane was like “THE ODOUR OF ALCHOHOL! I VOMIT!” Oh and cigars. Mother fucking awesome cigars. I’ve brought the custom over here to Brisbane as well and it’s been well received. I think the highlight of the evening was when Sarah put her hand into shanes spew to which she described the smell and texture of it to be “smells like wet doritos”. I think that should definately go into the quotable quotes section.

Then the LAN!

Heaps of fun, except my computer being all gay. Got the usual movies, tv shows and misc and gaming was had by all

THEN Debari, John and Mike came to Brisbane! Spent heaps of time (and heaps of money) with the guys and we all went to SEAWORLD! DOLPHINS! DOING FLIPS! MAKING SOUNDS LIKE THE PREDATOR! Also I’d like to say thanks to them for letting me mooch on their hotel stuff and partial food eatage. Also from what I hear from John, don’t sleep in the same bed as Michael. He said he was somewhat of a “mattress rapist”. I didn’t ask for more information because I think I saw some tears coming out of the corners of Johns eyes. Time in the Gold Coast was pretty great. Much eye candy and much fun at the Death Beach of Death Waves.

But I think thats pretty much all I remember which isn’t much! But you know how I am.

Anyway, they’re all on the way back soon, so bunker down in your nuclear bunkers cos the people on HMAS Jerksalots are going to back in Perth in about 7 hours and then you’ll all be sorry! ALL OF YOU!

That is all
– Felix

PPPS: note to self: Buy more pudding!