Ah nom nom nom

July 22, 2008

So 2 days at IZ now and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome so far. Everything is so different from my old company! Over here everything is so flexible unlike the old place which was “Lunch at 8:30 you got an hour, work starts again at 9:30”, unlike IZ it’s like “take an hour and a half if you want, just make it up later because generally it’s an hour.” I keep going to ask if it’s ok for me to go to lunch, but I keep remembering that I don’t need to do that anymore.

I went to my first meeting today and it was pretty weird, because I pretty much had no input. But all the other leads were there and everybody just talked about any issues they were having. And then I had to do my first Associate Producer stuff today. I had to talk to some of the Art people to get some concept art for the modellers in China. But yeah exciting stuff! It was pretty fun! And then I sent an email to try and organise another meeting with the QA manager and assistant manager just to sort out some stuff with em for next week. Hopefully it goes really well and there are no major poop ups.

So yeah! Thats the story! More stories later hopefully! All good I hope!


2 posts in 3 days, how funked up is that right? But I have good news! I have been hired at home company! Thats right kids, your Uncle F-wizzle is coming to a games company near you!

So now, I’m an Associate Producer. Me. An Associate Producer! If you had asked me whether I thought I would be where I am now, I would have told you that I would have had no idea, and that I was happy in my shitty call center job (I wasn’t!). I have to say, I am fucking excited. Back with my friends whom I’ve missed. It just seems like I’ve missed out so much of what has happened with them, and I think it’ll feel as good as seeing my family again, probably better! Actually it is better! My friends compliment my personality like fries go with a burger, like an ice cold beer while having a pizza and like smoking a fine cigar while drinking some scotch thats old enough to order it’s own scotch.

Another awesome thing is, I’ll be home for my 25th birthday! Gonna have a big one! Sarahs gonna bake me a cake! What cake should she bake me!? Someone give me suggestions! But yes! I will be returning real soon!

Zip it up and zip it out!

Sup ya’ll!

Time for another update. So lets go over things that have happened. I didn’t get the Engine Assistant Producer position. BUT! They did offer me another job. A Technical Writer position. Sounds pretty boring doesn’t it? I have my interview for it tomorrow!. Now here’s the interesting situation. I’ve also applied for a Assistant Producer position back home! I had my interview last Tuesday and I have to say, I’m pretty sure I did quite awesomely at it. Before I was only 51% sure that I was getting it, but now I’m about 52% sure I’m going to get it! Baby steps people, baby steps.

So here’s my conundrum. Home company hasn’t replied back to me to let me know whether I’ve got the job or not. My interview for the Technical Writer position is tomorrow (well today, today being Wednesday) in the afternoon. Seeing as I haven’t got the confirmation yet from home company, I’m planning to take the Tech Writer position for the time being. If I get a call from home company and they let me know that yes, I did the AP position, I would be pretty stoked. Like crazy happy. Then I would have to quit my Tech Writer position, after only being there for a really short amount of time. If that does happen, I’m hoping that I don’t burn any bridges by doing that.

Ok, paranoia situation. I got my interview today in the arvo. “What will you do if home company calls you during your interview!”, I hear you exclaim. You see I’ve thought about this situation already. I would ask home company to call me back in 45 minutes. And then and then ask the interviewers if I could have a couple of days to think about it. This way I get to find out whether I got the AP job while keeping my Tech Writer job if I don’t. Flawless victory.

Ok now for something completely different.

I’ve decided to change my outlook on a particular topic that I know I’ve been lacking. I’ve decided to kick myself out of my comfort zone. Time to take life by the janglies and go for it. I’m going to be more attemptive (? not sure if thats the right word) with women. I’m going to try and chat up some women. Nope, your eyes do not deceive you friends. The Frizzle is going to go on the prowl. I won’t tell you how or what I’ve changed, but this blog will hopefully keep track of my progress. 30 days. The challenge is phonenumber/date/extra in 30 days. I’ll start at some point. I promise

Anways, I got to sleep. Stay sexy readers.