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The Goonies Drinking Game

February 15, 2009

Game Modes:
– Easy Mode: Rule 1 in effect
– Normal Mode: Rules 1 and 2 in effect
– Hard Mode: Rules 1 to 5 in effect
– Nightmare Mode: All rules in effect

Rule 1: Every time someone mentions One Eyed Willie or references him everyone takes a shot

Rule 2: Every time Mikey takes a puff of his asthma puffer everyone takes a shot

Rule 3: Every time Mouth brushes his hair everyone takes a shot

Rule 4: Every time Mikey uses the wrong words in a sentence or phrase everyone takes a shot

Rule 5: Every time Data’s gadgets fail everyone drinks takes a shot

Rule 6: Every time Chunk breaks something everyone takes a shot

Rule 7: Every time Sloth yells “Hey You Guys!” everyone takes a shot

Rule 8: Every time a trap is triggered everyone takes a shot

Did this on Facebook, thought it was ok enough to put on the blog

Rules: You are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose some people you want to find out more about .

1. I’m intensely private. I guess me doing this note thing means I’m becoming less private I suppose. Still pretty intensely private though

2. Last week I had a cigarette after a particular stressful playtest at work. It was just one and I haven’t had another one since, so don’t lose your minds.

3. I really hate how upper management works sometimes

4. I used to be an 8th grade pianist. Now I regret stopping because when I sit in front of a piano to see how I do now, my fingers feel like german sausages clumsily driving a tank into Poland

5. I use sarcasm as a defense mechanism for most things in life.

6. I wish I could read peoples behaviours and emotions better.

7. When people go out to a restaurant to have a meal and complain about stuff like the food being crappy or the service being crap it really annoys me. How about you realise how lucky you are that you are out in a restaurant and eating food with people that you like while people in other parts of the world are dying from starvation and get shot at.

8. People who swear in the presence of children are just embarrasing themselves. And they’re embarrased because I punch them so hard in the kidney they pee themselves. Also people who swear for the sake of swearing just to seem like they are bigger than they actually are make me laugh. Grow up you chumpsacks.

9. The day the project ships, I’m going to buy a $100 cigar and a fine scotch and smoke and drink in celebration

10. I hate the way I have to be polite to people in certain situations. I wish I could just say what I thought with no overhanging threat of repurcussions.

11. I am now eating an ice cream.

12. I may have regretted coming home. I haven’t decided on that one yet.

13. I love all music (except for country and opera).

14. My top 3 bands are NiN, Qotsa and Tool

15. When people first meet me, it’s usually not a good impression. I never know why.

16. When people start to get to know me, they think I’m a generic asian.

17. When people know me they know I’m not generic in any way.

18. I really don’t like to give or receive hugs. I’m not trying to be a dick about it, it’s just, nyehhh

19. I am now eating my second ice cream. I just really like ice cream ok? Don’t judge me!

20. A goal of mine is to have 3 square meals consisting of food made out of icecream or icey poles.

21. The only place where I would sing is in my car. While not at a set of red lights. Going 100kmph. Down an abandoned road.

22. My ultimate dream job was to be an F1 racer.

23. I have a condition called “Unabletofindmywayplaces-itis” This is a condition where I can’t remember any street names or road directions and I usually need a navigator

24. I have little to no tolerance for arrogant people

25. One day I hope to be a Producer working on a AAA project.