How I Met Your Friends (Part 2)

January 7, 2010

Ok. As promised here’s part two of How I Met Your Friends. My analogy kind of fell apart at the end of the first post, and the reasons for me pushing out a blog post that I myself aren’t happy with  are my own. So what I’m trying to do now is stretch it as much as I can to try and make it work.

So the last post I went through and talked about Sarahmey (Jeremy and Sarah) with them being the Marshall and Lilly of our group. Thats definately a clear case. But then I talked about John which doesn’t really fit into my analogy but bear with me, because John represents some part of the Barney of the group along with the combination of Mike, Tim, and Debari.

After thinking about it, (I know this will be a bit of a stretch) John is like Barneys pornography collection. Except Johns pornography is music. And vynil records. And information about bands that you haven’t heard of. John has spent so much money on records that if his collection was sold off he could probably buy his own african country.

Next up is Michael. He is by far, the most competitive board game player I have ever met. Pretty competitive in general and in all games pretty much. I wouldn’t quite call him “that guy,” as in that guy who tops everyones stories. But he would definately be “that guy” who argues whether a narwhal is a real animal or not (by the way, he thought it wasn’t real because he saw it on Futurama. Also just to remind everyone that they do exist. He goes to extraordinary lengths to prove he is right with the trusty use of his electronic information butler called his iPhone. He’s the part of Barney who will go to the ends of the Earth to find the Robin Sparkles video. But he’s also the part of Marshall who always wins game night.

I became friends with Tim about 2 years at university when I did a games project with Jeremy, John and Tim. If I was to stretch this analogy even further (which I am for the sake of this post!), I’d say Tim is the part of Ted with the know-it-all attitude and grammatical and pronunciation corrections.

Debari and myself are the part of Barney which is continuously inappropriate. Making inappropriate jokes in inappropriate situations is what we’ve done best.

Hrmm, as you can see, these analogies are getting shorter and shorter. I’ll probably try and rewrite this at another point but y’know what are you going to do!?

One Response to “How I Met Your Friends (Part 2)”

  1. Debari said

    Yep, you really did streach that, my friend. But I can see where you are going with it, I guess. Also you totally pasted your post twice there. Just so you know.

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